Effective Conversations

The Jam Factory, 303 Vernon Street, Nelson BC

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Caring for the Earth inside our hearts can feel very lonely and hopeless, especially when we can’t communicate our feelings with others. They may be our family, our friends, colleagues or any other person who views the situation in a different way.

We hear from a lot of people that talking about climate change is difficult. Instead of clearly delivering our message and opening our hearts we hit a brick wall, get defensive and even hostile.

It is frustrating to get into an argument that doesn’t lead anywhere. An argument in which both sides close their hearts and we end up feeling even more separated and disconnected from one another.

In this groundbreaking workshop, we are going to explore various tools to discover the kind of communication we want to have and the kind of people we need to become in order to deliver our message effectively. We aim to bring more people into the climate circle, enrich the conversation and support honest sharing of feelings and concerns about climate change.

Cost: $25 – 40 sliding scale

We will not turn anyone away because lack of funds, talk to us if you need.
The price includes workshop, snack and a post-workshop one-on-one call with Yael.
We are so honoured to go this path with you, learn, grow and cry together.
If you already attended a workshop you are welcome back for free when you bring a friend.

Reserve Your Spot

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