Morning Meditation

Tune in to your deep wisdom,
Unlock your full potential,
Meet like-minded activists,
Inspire and be inspired,
To heal the world.

Every Weekday at 9:00 am

Start your day with a body, mind and emotion check-in and reset. Slow down to achieve more. Slow down to make sure you invest your time in the right things. Running after the endless task list is only one way of doing the work that needs to be done.

Photo by Magic Bowls on Unsplash

We start with meditation and spice it up with some movement. We check-in with our emotions, intentions and motivation. Then we take a short break at 9:30 and continue with insightful discussion and coaching for the things you might be dealing with: feeling burnt out, stressed and overwhelmed, procrastination, efficiency, scarcity of resources, work and life balance etc.

The intention is to form an environmental activists community that supports each other by meditating together and empowering each other with our experience and wisdom. We need to be healthy and fulfilled human beings who take care of their inner resources so that we can be effective activists who don’t run out of fuel and have a big impact on the world.

I enjoyed the meditation today. I thought the topic of time was so helpful for the rest of my day and week and feeling less anxious about all the work there was to do, thank you for that.

Laura Jhonson, Donor Engagement and Development Coordinator, EcoSociety

The meditation helps with reducing my personal anxiety around COVID and around work, and starting the day in a peaceful, more calm and more focused way. I really enjoy the stretching at the beginning and the check in at the end.

Natasha Edmunds, Community Organizer, EcoSociety