Emotional Coaching with Yael Finer

As an emotional therapist, the word coaching sounds a bit lame, but I choose to use it because I want to emphasize that the therapy is focused on results, even though the work is deep and therapeutic. It is so often we are stuck on something and believe we lack the knowledge and resources, but the reality is that the information around is abundant and the resources we need are in reach if we just shift our perspective. What really is stuck is our emotional state. We all have our limiting beliefs of not being good enough or that we can’t or something can’t be done, or that the work is too much and we feel small and incapable.

Unconsciously, we bring our past experiences and failures to our work and our relationships and they often block our growth potential, and we also can get stuck with the glass ceiling of our own abilities. At times when the world needs to go through huge changes and transformations to be saved, we need to make sure our vessel is able to hold this change we want to see in the world, we need to grow beyond our limiting beliefs, beyond everything we knew, beyond the reasonable and rational thinking.

I work with activists to extract the best of their skills and talents, to be more professional and to do more of what they are really good at; to reduce work related stress, to achieve better results and be able to do more big picture thinking; to take more calculated risks (by differentiating between the scary and the truly dangerous) and to reveal their blind spots.

I work with people who want to do more for the climate and the community but don’t do as much as they want because reasons. I teach how to access all the voices inside us and how to know which is the right voice to listen to.

I teach how to conduct effective conversations about climate change so we can enrich our communication circle, have better relationships and feel connected to our community (less alone, less dipression) and spread the care to earth.

I lead the Climate Circle and Joanna Macy workshops to shift emotional stagnation around climate to a flowing feeling and action. I also lead Effective Conversation workshops to be effective in delivering the climate message to people who think differently than we do.

My approach is very practical and can achieve strong results in 1-10 sessions, depending on where you are and what is the result you want to achieve.