Emotional Climate

Changing the game from within

We live in an isolated Western society that values profit over life. We are proud of being sufficient individuals, but the price we pay for that is huge. We pay the price of loneliness, feeling weak and helpless and so often falling into anxiety and depression. Those blocked emotions are a sign of disconnection from ourselves and from life itself. Walking around with a heavy load of emotion most of the time paralyzes us instead of motivating us to act upon what we really believe in.

It doesn’t matter what your political preferences are, it’s beyond left or right, and if you believe that you have the answers and the others are wrong. We got into this mess together and the only way out is finding the way out together. We have to find a way to listen to each other, open our hearts, heal our traumas, rewrite our relationships with each other, with nature, with our food, and with our one and only Earth. 

Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash

The workshops we offer will help you connect with your feelings, recognize what is in your heart and give you the tools to work with all that. Unleashing these emotions will allow an outpouring of energy that can be directed into action. You will find many people like you who want to be part of this growing community. A community that shares our fears and hopes for the world. A community that makes a difference. A community that takes emotional risks and is willing to talk the truth of the heart, even when it’s difficult and the tears run free. 

Join us, become the change you want to see in the world.

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