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Just facts did not make the world act on climate change and sustainability, so let’s go for our whole beings and tend to our feelings about the world. Perhaps this is one step to reconnect into possibilities of planetary healing.

Next workshop is February 23rd – Joanna Macy’s Workshop

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Joanna Macy’s Workshop

February 23nd, 4-7 pm

Jam Factory, 303 Vernon St, Nelson BC

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Joanna Macy is a 90 year-old activist, known for her insightful facilitation of workshops called “The Work That Reconnects” and the terms “The Industrial Growth Society” and “The Great Turning”. She wrote many books such as  “Coming Back to Life” and “Active Hope”. 

Our workshop is borrowing heavily from her work, and those books. The takes us in a journey of deep connection to others, ourselves and the world and allow us to see them with new eyes. In the workshop, we will give thanks, connect to why are we here, connect to our emotions such as fear-worry-numbness-anger of the world’s suffering. We’ll then open up to see deeper – feel the motivation to be part of the change!

Many of us care a lot for Mother Earth and the climate, but often we find ourselves just consuming horrifying information without sharing our feelings nor taking action. What happens to this energy?

Our future is uncertain. Every day 100-200 species are going extinct. Some ecosystems are dying or under large stress. The effects of climate and ecological disruption that we are experiencing now are nothing compared to what could come: Loss of most birds and insects, Sea level rise, Desertification, Wildfires, Water shortage, Crop failure, Extreme weather. The combined result of these destabilizing events will be: Millions displaced, Disease, Increased risk of wars and conflicts and Impacts on human rights
(read more here https://rebellion.earth/the-truth/the-emergency/).

How shall I use this precious time that I have of my life?
How shall I explain to my kids about the new reality?
How shall I keep the hope for them, while I’m in despair?
How shall I communicate my love to earth with my relatives that hold a different view?

We are offering a workshop to empower you.
To help you deal with a range of emotions like grief, anger, and numbness.
To help you to re-find your center and wisdom.
To feel connected to life again.

Cost: $20 – 40 sliding scale

Includes workshop, snack and a follow-up phone call.
If you already attended a workshop you are welcome back for free when you bring a friend.

We will not turn anyone away because lack of funds, talk to us if you need.

We are so honoured to go this path with you, learn, grow and cry together

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Climate Change: Effective Conversations

February 29th, 4-7 pm

Jam Factory, 303 Vernon St, Nelson BC

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Caring for the Earth inside our hearts can feel very lonely and hopeless, especially when we can’t communicate our feelings with others. They may be our family, our friends, colleagues or any other person who views the situation in a different way.

We hear from a lot of people that talking about climate change is difficult. Instead of clearly delivering our message and opening our hearts we hit a brick wall, get defensive and even hostile.

It is frustrating to get into an argument that doesn’t lead anywhere. An argument in which both sides close their hearts and we end up feeling even more separated and disconnected from one another.

In this groundbreaking workshop, we are going to explore various tools to discover the kind of communication we want to have and the kind of people we need to become in order to deliver our message effectively. We aim to bring more people into the climate circle, enrich the conversation and support honest sharing of feelings and concerns about climate change.

Cost: $25 – 45 sliding scale

Includes workshop, snack and a Wuju webinar, an app we’re working on that can help you deal with bad news and stay hopeful and empowered.

We will not turn anyone away because lack of funds, talk to us if you need.

We are so honoured to go this path with you, learn, grow and cry together.

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About Us

Yael Finer (pronounced yah-ell) has immigrated from Israel to Canada looking for a safer place to raise a family surrounded by nature. Yael has been a professional Chinese and Japanese medicine practitioner (TCM) since graduating in 2005. The foundation of TCM is the interdependence of all things, which opened her up to understanding how humans are interdependent with all of nature.

Yael also has experience with different emotional therapy modalities such as Byron Katie, Theta Healing, Breath Work, Life Coaching (via Landmark Education), Listening Circles and Tovana Meditation. Upon arrival to Canada, Yael decided to focus all her passion and talent on Climate Change since healing Mother Earth is at the root of healing our souls and bodies. She believes we can’t truly heal ourselves on a suffering planet, as we are one with the big organism called Earth.

After living her entire life in a war-torn country she is passionate to find a win-win solution that benefits all sides and is hoping to find a sustainable approach that will meet the root need of all beings. These days Yael coaches professional environmental activists in organizations such as Stand.Earth and The West Kootenay EcoSociety. She helps them get better results by connecting to their wisdom, unblocking stuck emotions and recognizing their blind spots.

Malin Christensson has immigrated from Sweden after travelling around the world and falling in love with the Kootenays and choosing to have a family here. She got her Masters in Political Science and worked for many years with interdisciplinary, student-led sustainability education group at the Centre for Environment and Development Studies at Uppsala University, Sweden. She also worked at the Swedish youth environmental and naturalist association.

Malin is a certified Satyananda yoga teacher and was teaching kids yoga. She runs the Forest Path School – a year-round all outside program aimed to connect kids to nature. Forest Path helps them grow to be loving, respectful and protective of nature.

Malin is passionate about healing the world through connection to nature, dance, community engagements, workshop facilitation and so much more. She has walked the talk for years, walking or biking from place to place, eating organic food, volunteering and supporting alternatives solutions.

Twenty years of environmental work made her knowledgeable, strong-willed with a huge and tender heart.